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‘MASTER of DYSFUNCTION’ and Bestselling author Warren Adler!

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Acclaimed author of the iconic ‘darker-than-pitch comedy’ The War of the Roses, Warren Adler is celebrating the release of his 33rd novel The Serpent’s Bite, and he is inviting you to lunch at one of the most prestigious literary clubs in NYC!

pioneering independent author and publisher, Warren Adler wants to hear from readers and writers about the changing heart and soul of reading, writing and publishing today. How has reading touched your life?  If you’re a writer, what does the publishing world look like from where you stand?  Are you excited by the ease of digital publishing, or daunted by the volume of new writers coming onto the market?
Adler wants to start a conversation with you, learn who you are, and what fiction and reading mean in your life.

All you need to do is write a blog or Facebook post of around 300 words on ‘What Reading Fiction Means to Me,’ and you can win a FREE trip to New York City, a two-night stay at a hotel, and lunch with the ‘master of dysfunction’ himself at one of the most historic literary clubs in NYC**! Adler and three judges will determine which entry best articulates the passionate universal need to find insight, wisdom, and joy in reading fiction.

The most creative, inspiring and cogent post will win! 
We will select the essay that best reflects the passion and spirit of the conversation you are trying to have with Warren Adler. Write well, from the heart, and this will carry the day.

Eligibility: The contest is open to all members of the reading, writing and blogging community and anyone interested in meeting the acclaimed author and getting the inside scoop on independent publishing from the e-book pioneer himself.

Contest Requirements:

  1. Register to enter on our contest page (click to register).
  2. Write a blog or Facebook post about “What Reading Fiction Means to Me” in no more than 300 words, and then email us a link to your post at contest@warrenadler.com.
  3. Include a link in your post to either www.warrenadler.com or Warren Adler’s Facebook page.
  4. Spread the Word: Share a free e-book on from our weekly FREE E-book Giveaway! Share your blog post and start the conversation amongst your friends and followers, in your comments, and social network.  Please use the Twitter hashtag #NYClunch2012.



The winner will receive: 

  1. The winning essay featured on www.warrenadler.com.
  2. A domestic round-trip ticket (Ground/Air) to NYC. Local NYC residents will receive an equivalent voucher to cover their expenses.
  3. A two-night hotel stay in NYC!
  4. An exclusive lunch date with author Warren Adler at the most prestigious literary club in NYC, where he will answer all your questions about writing, publishing and his book to movie experiences.


Even if You Don’t Win! You will become part of a literary circle where you can periodically enter into a conversation with Warren on the creative writing game, the ups and downs of the literary life, the struggle to get heard and known, the impact of e-books, the rapidly changing publishing world, discuss old and new outstanding works of fiction, and any other topics that can benefit from a conversation with a writer who has spent a lifetime creating works of the imagination. Visit his on-going ‘Ask the Author Forum‘.


** NO purchase is necessary. Void where prohibited. Deadline: Your entry must reach us before October 10, 2012. Stonehouse Press will cover only domestic (U.S.) travel, accommodations and expenses while the contest is open to writers, readers and bloggers worldwide. Winner will be notified Stonehouse Press by October 30, 2012. Travel must be completed before December 10, 2012. Value of prize cannot be transferred cash value.


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