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The Book Launch and the Aftermath

Posted on: November 14th, 2014 by Warren Adler No Comments

The launch of a book, be it the first for an author or their most recent release, has always been the established gateway for traditional publishers to introduce a new work. The launch of a book is like the birth of a baby: crucial and necessary. There is, after all, no future for an unsuccessful birth. For the author, like anything born into a lifecycle, it is the aftermath that really matters, and for those authors seeking career continuity, and even enduring recognition, digital publishing has offered a widening arena of options for keeping a book from disappearing.

The Traditional Publishing Path

I started out as an author with traditional royalty contracts, having my books, The War of the Roses (Warner Books), Random Hearts (Macmillan), The Sunset Gang (Viking Press), Mourning Glory (Kensington), and Trans-Siberian Express (Putnam), among others, represented by large publishers. But traditional publishers could not offer me what I wanted for my work.…

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Writing About Sex in Fiction

Posted on: November 10th, 2014 by Warren Adler No Comments

Sometime in the late sixties or early seventies, before I switched to computers, my method for preparing clean copies of my manuscripts for further work, or a final copy for my publisher was to send my chicken marked manuscripts out to a typist. The typist would incorporate any changes and send me back a clean copy. Since I am addicted to extensive rewrites, this could go on numerous times until I was satisfied that my novel was ready to send off.

Sometimes I had more than one typist at work, or my regular typist was off on another assignment. I once hired a typist who I had never used before, a middle-aged lady. I can’t quite remember the novel I gave her to work on, but I did give her a spot in my office at the time and set her to work. After an hour or so, she approached me, red-faced and indignant, holding the pages of my manuscript.…

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A BABY TO DIE FOR by Mike Slosberg: A Novel Worth Reading

Posted on: September 28th, 2014 by Warren Adler No Comments

The exposé/advocacy novel has a long and successful history in bringing to the world’s attention the cruelty of entrenched injustice. Mike Slosberg’s “A Baby To Die For” fits squarely into that tradition.

What Upton Sinclair did for the meat slaughtering industry in his novel “The Jungle,” what Mary Jane Ward did to expose the horrors of insane asylums in “The Snake Pit,” and Harriet Beecher Stowe did to indict slavery in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” Mike Slosberg in his latest novel “A Baby To Die For” takes on the horrors of the black market adoption racket.

In a deft and suspenseful story, Slosberg deals with every aspect of this subject from all points of view in order to illustrate the corrosive and corrupt practices of what has become a vast worldwide industry operating just under the radar.

His story moves briskly with a colorful cast of characters, a fast-pace plot, and shifting points of view; We hear from the anguished couples who cannot conceive, from the lawyers and their middlemen who profit from baby mills where innocent young women conceive babies as cows produce calves which are sold as commodities to the highest bidder, from the young women coerced and captured by ruthless predators and forced to produce this human product, and from the entrepreneurs and their lackeys who use violence and intimidation to keep the production line operating.…

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Why Do Women Read More Novels Than Men?

Posted on: September 17th, 2014 by Warren Adler 1 Comment

There is ample statistical evidence showing that adult women read more novels than men, attend more book clubs than men, use libraries more than men, buy more books than men, take more creative writing courses than men, and probably write more works of fiction than men. If, as a demographic, they suddenly stopped reading, the novel would nearly disappear.

A recent perusal of the New York Times fiction best-seller list, scoring sales of print and e-books combined, showed that of the fifteen titles listed, eleven were written by women. Indeed, women are the bulwarks of the novel trade. Those statistics could lead one to also believe that the reason for such disparity is that stories told in novels, the characters, plots, insights, inner thoughts, experiences and wisdom offered are skewed to reflect a female point of view.

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Posted on: August 26th, 2014 by Warren Adler 13 Comments

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Nobody Gives a Damn, But…

Posted on: August 11th, 2014 by Warren Adler No Comments

  1. I wonder how many tunnels for illegal trade and immigration have been dug between Mexico and the United States.
  2. To work my way through college one of the jobs I had was selling shoes at Macy’s.

  3. I am not a great believer in the star rating system method of choosing books or movies via Netflix and Amazon. Aside from the question of authenticity and possible fraud, quality and popularity are often in conflict.

  4. My mother made the best egg salad sandwiches on the planet.

  5. Remember when Milky Way was a nickel?

  6. I thought Woody Allen’s latest film “Magic in the Moonlight” was one of his best. I loved it. One of the rare films for adults this summer.

  7. Sometimes I think that the most crowded spot on the planet is Times Square.

  8. If terrorists are so proud of their destructive work, why do they wear masks?

  9. Hands down the best book for writers – A.E.

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My Watergate

Posted on: August 7th, 2014 by Warren Adler No Comments

Up front let me say that my relationship with the Watergate scandal, which happened forty years ago and brought down Richard Nixon has always been peripheral; my role, merely, the typical fly on the wall observations of a novelist in search of a story to tell.

I do admit that my strange relationship with this national trauma prompted me to produce a novel entitled The Henderson Equation, which in retrospect might have unwittingly struck a vein of hard truth about this seminal event not apparent at the time.

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Nobody Gives a Damn, But…

Posted on: August 4th, 2014 by Warren Adler No Comments

For those of you who got a kick out of my first Nobody Gives a Damn, But… column, inspired by the great sportswriter Jimmy Cannon, I offer thanks. The initial traction encourages me to keep at it…Writing is my life and most of the time I’m deep into novels, plays, poems and essays. But like a busman’s holiday I enjoy sounding off and apparently millions of people have the same urge, especially in the free for all of the internet. Hell, it’s a Tower of Babel out there. I’m just offering my squeak and hope people get it.

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Why I Went Independent as an Author

Posted on: June 12th, 2014 by Warren Adler 2 Comments

I went into the e-book and Print on Demand mode in the nineties convinced that the new technology would radically change the future of book publishing, and would allow an author a chance to control his own destiny.

By then I had published 27 novels with major traditional publishers; many had been translated and published in various languages.

I had also sold or optioned a dozen of my books for film adaptation three were made. One was “The War of the Roses,” which starred Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner; another was “Random Hearts” with Harrison Ford and Kirstin Scott-Thomas, and a third was a three-hour trilogy on the PBS network titled “The Sunset Gang”. Recently, additional works are in active development including the sequel to, “The War of the Roses” called “The War of the Roses: The Children,” and “Capitol Crimes,” based on my Fiona Fitzgerald Mystery Series.

I made the decision to become an independent publisher of my own work before the Kindle and other devices had made their debut.…

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Writing Sex Scenes for the Non-Genre Novelist

Posted on: May 20th, 2014 by Warren Adler No Comments

For mainstream, non-genre novelists, writing sex scenes into a story line poses some serious questions. Unlike pornography, which is intended to arouse sexual excitement, literary novelists are concerned with insight, revelation, pace and tone. They must consider whether any extended graphic portrayal of sex is indigenous to character and plot development, and not merely a distracting detour offering the reader an erotic impulse.

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Funny Boys: Those Fabulous Jewish Comedians

Posted on: March 6th, 2014 by Warren Adler 1 Comment

Those Catskill mountain resorts, now long gone, were the spawning grounds for American comedy, its influence now profoundly felt in every form of contemporary entertainment. Seinfeld, for example, one of the most successful comedy shows of all time, is easily recognizable as classic Catskill “schtick.”

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The Death of Ink

Posted on: February 19th, 2014 by Warren Adler No Comments

Print newspapers, once controlled by the newspaper barons of yesteryear, are heading for extinction with the rise of a new strain of informational power spearheaded by the digital revolution.

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Sex and the Novelist

Posted on: July 29th, 2013 by Warren Adler 1 Comment

The excitement of uncovering sex in literature is no longer relevant in today’s ubiquitous sexualized culture.

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Video Trailer: Target Churchill – A Thriller Torn from the Pages of History

Posted on: July 6th, 2013 by Warren Adler No Comments

Target Churchill – A Thriller Torn from the Pages of History from Warren Adler on Vimeo.

As Great Britain and the United States celebrate a victorious end to WWII, Joseph Stalin’s relentless Soviet Union is creeping across Eastern Europe leaving a trail of devastation and murder in its wake.

Winston Churchill, the cigar-puffing icon of the British fighting spirit embarks on a crusade to lift the veil of secrecy that hangs over Stalin’s mission. Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri sets the diplomatic stage upon which the world’s political players grapple for supremacy as Churchill delivers his fated Iron Curtain speech on March 5th 1946.

Soviet operatives have infiltrated British and American governments at the highest level. As Churchill prepares to launch the Cold War, Stalin unleashes his trained mole, an American Nazi who served in Hitler’s SS. His mission: Assassinate Winston Churchill.

Churchill travels with a lone bodyguard, W.H. Thompson, a former British police officer who protected Churchill faithfully through the turbulent years of war.…

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The Short Story: Back in the Game

Posted on: March 4th, 2013 by Warren Adler 2 Comments

Once a staple of the magazine and literary world, it had, for a variety of reasons, been neglected and had fallen out of favor.

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Interview with Warren Adler, author of “War of the Roses”

Posted on: January 8th, 2013 by Jason Bruce No Comments

(Source: Two Ends of the Pen)

Warren, you have been a part of the literary scene for nearly half a century. At the age of 84, you are one of the elder statesmen for the publishing industry. Where do you see the book industry heading? As I have been predicting ever since I first digitalized all my work more than a dozen years ago, and as I said when I introduced the SONY reader in 2007, as the first stand-alone reader at the Las Vegas Electronics Show, the publishing business will morph massively to cyberspace and considerably shrink the number of stores selling printed books, all of which has come true. What I did not foresee was the number of self-published books that would hit the marketplace and offer hard competition for traditionally published books.

What is coming long-term, in my view, is a massive number of fiction books available on the Net, where it will be a challenge for any writer of fiction to be discoverable.…

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What Classics Will Our Century Produce?

Posted on: January 4th, 2013 by Warren Adler No Comments

Warren Adler, author of the iconic War of the Roses, answers a question that has been puzzling and demoralizing academia and the public alike: what classics will our century produce?

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What’s Warren Adler reading?

Posted on: December 27th, 2012 by Jason Bruce 1 Comment

Adler is best known for penning the book-turned-movie The War of the Roses (1989), which starred Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. After finding success in Latin America and Europe, the stage production of War of the Roses will debut on the North American theater circuit in 2013. Adler, 85, grew up in Brooklyn and received a degree in English literature from New York University.

He is the founder of the Jackson Hole Writers Conference in Wyoming and has written more than 30 novels, short story collections and screenplays.

After being published by such houses as Viking, Putnam and Warner Books, Adler became a proponent of e-book publishing several years ago when he re-acquired his complete backlist to convert to digital formats published now by his company, Stonehouse Press.

What’s on your nightstand?

Ian McEwan’s latest book, Sweet Tooth. Ian is a terrific novelist. I enjoy reading Ian, along with Philip Roth.…

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13 Books for Your Halloween Reading List

Posted on: October 22nd, 2012 by Jason Bruce No Comments

If you’ve had enough of the mostly terrible and seldom excellent horror flicks that invade your TV screen during Halloween, it’s time you get your chills from a book. Warren Adler, with the help of his staff and interns, has complied a list of 13 unlucky books that will satisfy your cravings for blood and creeps. Sharpen up your own scary reading list if you already have one. Let us know if we missed any titles or any books you want to resurrect from the grave and add to the list. Here’s the list in no particular order:



Dracula by Bram Stoker

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Death in Venice by Thomas Mann

Misery by Stephen King

American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis

I Am Legend by Richard Matheson

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde


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A Strange and Treacherous Family Reunion

Posted on: October 9th, 2012 by Warren Adler No Comments

On the treacherous trails and isolated wilds of Yellowstone Park, an aging father, George Temple, seeks to use a nostalgic horse trek to reconcile with his estranged daughter and son.

In Warren Adler‘s new thriller “The Serpent’s Bite,” they hadn’t seen one another since the passing of George’s wife nearly five years earlier. The family reunion is intended to bring back memories of their first trek 20 years earlier.

But the story reveals secrets that plague the family, and lead to disaster.

And along the way we meet Courtney Temple, who may be one of the most evil women in fiction.

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