Warren Adler


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Cult will evoke in you a fear, a dread that reiterates itself every moment…it is a wake up call for all of us.” -Nikesh Murali, Ebook Reviews Weekly

In the dead of night, Naomi Forman receives a phone call. Barney Harrigan, the man she once loved—now happily married with children—utters, “My wife Charlotte has been captured by the Glories.” Drawn into the Glory Church doomsday cult by her estranged sister, and brainwashed beyond comprehension, Charlotte Harrigan has succumbed to the will of the enigmatic Father Glory. What began as a rude interruption of her night becomes a horrifying interruption of her life as Naomi is unable to ignore Barney’s cry for help. Against her better judgment, she agrees to help Barney save his wife. But naïve optimism quickly plummets to misery as their plans are systematically taken apart by members of the cult, past and present. Naomi’s will is tested and Barney becomes more and more desperate. The lengths he is willing to go to save his wife are as sinister as the Glories themselves.

Screenplay by Alex McAulay

Comparatives: Martha Marcy May Marlene; Sound of My Voice; The Master

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Top International Media Pickup:

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