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Let Freedom Ring

Posted on: November 13th, 2010 by Warren Adler 2 Comments

The free press is a mess. It always has been and will always be thus. Like its loyal sister, free speech, it means that one can shoot their mouth off, say almost anything, however outrageous provided it doesn’t cause harm to others, which the courts have defined in a myriad of vague ways, with hair splitting decisions that continue to leave the issue open to perpetual controversy.

But then freedom, almost by definition, is a gloppy and often tasteless porridge. Nevertheless it provides us with the nutrients that sustain our humanity. An essential nutrient is “words.”

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Why Give NPR a Dime?

Posted on: October 21st, 2010 by Warren Adler 6 Comments

The firing of Juan Williams by NPR reinforces my opinion that NPR is a far left, out of the main stream, rigidly biased, elitist, self-righteous broadcast enterprise that represents all that is wrong with American media.

Juan Williams is an outspoken media analyst and personality that never fails to speak his mind on any subject. He is a regular contributor on the Fox network and he is often at odds with his fellow panelists and a passionate defender of President Obama. He often argues vigorously with his colleagues.

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