Warren Adler

Banquet Before Dawn Books, Historical Fiction

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“Catches the stark lights and sweat of a campaign with biting realism.” – Les Whitten

After serving his Brooklyn district for years, Congressman Sullivan discovers that his once comfortable Irish American majority has given way to a diverse district of blacks and Hispanics. Challenged by a more liberal opponent, he tries everything possible to maintain his seat only to painfully learn that he and his views are outdated and irrelevant to today’s world. But he doesn’t bow out of the race gracefully, and the fierce ensuing campaign brings new insights to the meaning of democracy and the terrors of a swiftly changing world. If, as it is said, all politics are local, this compelling story transcends politics and puts a human face on how the American democratic system really operates. Unforgettable characters and a powerful plot offer a remarkable and tense story of how tragic endings affect new beginnings.


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“Catches the stark lights and sweat of a campaign with biting realism.” – Les Whitten

“A tough, bawdy look at the changing face of big-city politics.” – Rowland Evans

“Rough and lusty… commands attention.” – Patricia O’Haire, New York Daily News

“The writing is first-rate and the book has plenty of bite.” – Library Journal

“Poignant… believable, moving.” – New York Daily News

“A good story… hard-hitting.” – The Booklist

“A good novel.” – Grand Rapids Press

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