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272 pages

The classic romance novel that inspired the Hollywood film starring Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas, written by the acclaimed novelist Warren Adler, well-known for his iconic novel turned international box-office hit ‘The War of the Roses.’

In an ideal world, they never would have met.

Vivien Simpson is a happy stay-at-home mom with a young son who adores her successful husband.

Edward Davis is an ambitious aide to an important Congressman who loves his wife.

When a plane crash brings about the discovery that their supposedly loving and now deceased spouses were entangled in a deeply passionate love affair, they are devastated and baffled by the revelation.

Determined to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives, they embark on a hunt for the truth behind their spouses’ infidelity, guided only by the two mysterious identical keys they left behind.

Along the way what they discover about themselves and the mysterious nature of love will render readers breathless.

Another classic love story from Warren Adler that has achieved a worldwide audience.

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First Editions by Alden Whitman

It is a puzzlement as to how people meet one another and how men and women sort out friendship and love from their many acquaintances. This mystery is at the heart of Warren Adler’s fine and readable novel, Random Hearts , a sensitive examination not only of the luck factor in bringing people together but also of the effects of infidelity on its victims. With a deftness I had not thought possible, Adler tells the gripping story of Edward Davis and Vivien Simpson, who are brought together by a police report that their spouses had been killed in a plane crash and that they had been having an affair. At first disbelieving and shattered, Edward and Vivien gradually turn to each other to try to decipher the past and their failed marriages. By talking, they learn about each other and ultimately fall in love. Adler is keenly aware of the psychological aspects of their relationships, and this helps to give his novel its verisimilitude and its capacity to hold the reader to the very end.

Washington Post Book World

… a stunning shocker of an opener-an airplane taking off in a snowstorm from Washington crashes, killing all aboard but four…. Aboard the plane were a man and woman very much in love and very much married, but not to each other. They have been very careful in arranging to get away by themselves for a few days before telling their marital partners about the divorces they want. The woman has just discovered she’s pregnant. The rejected husband and wife have absolutely no inkling that anything has gone wrong in their marriages. This is a little hard to believe in itself.

Writing very smoothly, Adler takes us step by step through the recovery of bodies from the plane and their identification to the inevitable revelation to Edward Davis and Vivien Simpson that they have been cuckolded by their dead wife and husband.

The quality of the writing in Random Hearts is good….”

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