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“Senator Love is an insidious, compelling mystery that keeps the reader guessing… up to the very end.” — Midwest Book Review


The stunning wife of the Austrian Ambassador is kidnapped and murdered. The bones belonging to a vanished young girl are discovered. Both share the same starling clues that point to a powerful, seductive and womanizing senator. Besides solving the mystery, will Fiona Fitzgerald submit to the powerful sexual forces of “Senator Love?”

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Kirkus Review

Fresh from his recent sex-and-suspenser Private Lies, Adler sets improbably well-connected Washington homicide dick Fiona FitzGerald (American Quartet, Immaculate Deception) another high-profile puzzle: Who killed philandering presidential hopeful Senator Sam Langford’s latest inamorata, the wife of an Austrian diplomat? Even before the news that the dozen-year-old skeleton that gets dug up the day after Fiona meets Senator Love is that of another Langford conquest, the case has “publicity minefield” written all over it-and Adler clearly relishes the chance to show the Senator’s toadies frantically scrambling to control the damage. The plot developments, though – Fiona suspects Langford’s jealous first wife Frances, set herself up as his latest romantic interest to flush Frances out, then finds herself really falling for the guy – seem more dutiful than zestful.

Though Adler telegraphs each plot twist with bland intensity, this is a most satisfying quickie – for readers who don’t demand emotional commitment of their fiction.


Popular novelist, Adler, author of The War of the Rose and the more recent Private Lies, is also the creator of the Fiona FitzGerald series of suspense tales. This time out, Washington, D.C., homicide cop Fiona is embroiled in a case involving the murders of the lovers of an attractive, shamelessly womanizing politician with designs on the White House. Even Fiona herself becomes beguiled by the charms of Senator Sam Langford, and she has some tricky ethical dilemmas to resolve before she can bring the right suspect to justice (and not without the assistance of her determined, hard-boiled sidekick Cates). Adler’s depiction of Washington – its geography, social whirl, political intrigue – rings true enough, and though the narrative may be a tad talky, the author effectively follows Fiona’s investigation to a solid conclusion. More a suspenser than a puzzling whodunit – but sure to entertain a vast library audience.

Amarillo Daily News

U.S. Senator Sam Langford is a bright, attractive man who wants to be President of the United States – and might make it if he can escape his reputation as an inveterate womanizer. His reputation gets worse when he becomes one of the suspects in the murder of a diplomat’s wife with whom he had been having an affair. Langford’s problems are complications in the latest case of Fiona FitzGerald, a senator’s daughter who lives in two different worlds. (She’s also a homicide detective with the Washington Police Department). Fiona’s problems multiply when she finds herself reluctantly succumbing to Sen. Langford’s notorious charms. A satisfactory mix of police work and psychological suspense, once the reader separates fiction from headlines. Adler is the author of The War of the Roses, Private Lies, and three other novels in the Fiona Fitzgerald series.

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