Warren Adler

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A Washington newspaper brought down a President. Now it wants to create its own! One of the most electric and insightful books ever written about the power of the media and how it corrupts.

The people who run the influential newspaper the Washington Chronicle have just exposed and brought down a President through their investigative reports. Flushed with power, they are now attempting to create their own choice for Chief Executive. Clashing relationships within the media and in the political arena reveal the motives, insecurities, and thirst for ascendancy between rival factions fighting for power. With rich emotional characterizations, this story tears the curtain from the spin-doctors and sinister figures that populate the corridors of power in the nation’s capital. Anyone who wants deeper insights into the true nature of Washington politics and intrigue will revel in this tense and suspenseful tale set in the cradle of democracy.

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“A fast-paced suspense story… Only a seasoned newspaperman could have written with such inside skills.”
– Jeremiah O’Leary, Washington Star

“The most courageous and truthful novel to come out of Washington in years.”
– Viola Drath

“Tight, absorbing and timely story.”
– West Coast Review of Books

“A Washington cliffhanger.”
– Kirkus Review

– Baltimore News-American

“Philosophy classes should find sufficient material in it to last at least a full semester.”
– Best Sellers

Add to the current spate of Washington-based novels another which, author disclaimers notwithstanding, contains an unusual amount of parallel with real people and events. The one probes deeply into the special pressures brought to bear on the Washington press in its adversary relationship to government. Can it wield its power objectively, withstanding demands for favored treatment? Can it maintain an uncompromised integrity? The Chronicle’s managing editor tangles with these fundamental issues when his star reporter turns up some facts that might kill the presidential aspirations of the owner’s preferred candidate. The fact that the paper had recently hounded a disliked president out of office provides the other half of the equation. Adler has written a tough, unsentimental novel about the responsibilities of power and the subtleties of corruption.

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