Warren Adler

The Witch of Watergate The Fiona Fitzgerald Mystery Series, Books

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When Polly Dearborn, the infamous Washington Post investigative reporter whose poison pen had destroyed many a politician’s career, is found hanging from her Watergate apartment, the elite of Washington rejoice. “The Witch of Watergate” is dead! But this is no time for detective Fiona Fitzgerald to celebrate. Although suicide seems logical for this lonely and miserable woman, Fiona is determined to find the truth.

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Kirkus Reviews

The hanging (off her own Watergate balcony) of fearsome Washington Post gossip columnist Polly Dearborn proves a minefield for socialite/homicide Sgt. Fiona Fitzgerald… and her unlikable new partner, Charleen Evans. The trouble begins when Charleen insists on tapping into Polly’s computer files, taking the hard disk home with her and printing out the results – reams of dirt on everybody from the D.C. mayor to Secretary of Defense Chester Downey, already a suicide after the second of three projected articles on him ran the morning of Polly’s death. Polly’s damaging revelations about Downey and his son promptly gets shoved aside by a legal battle over the disposition of Polly’s computer drives – and the information Fiona and Charleen find themselves unwillingly concealing amid rickety, opportunistic alliances among their publicity-and-promotion-minded boss, editor Harry Barker at the Post, and the Mayor’s office… the barely legal wheeling and dealing works up some suspense.”

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