Beneath The Ivory Tower

A respected lawyer has it all – a successful career and a shot at becoming the President of a major university.

But his past could shatter everything. The former President was fired for sexual misconduct with a student, and the lawyer fears his history of extramarital affairs could be exposed during the vetting process.

He races against time, contacting women from his past to keep them silent, but one is missing. As he digs deeper into her disappearance, he realizes his past holds even darker secrets than he ever imagined.

The lawyer finds himself on a perilous path, facing unexpected revelations and powerful enemies determined to keep the truth buried. He must use all his skills and connections to unravel the web of deceit that threatens to destroy everything he has worked for.

As tensions rise and the stakes get higher, the clock ticks down. Will the lawyer be able to clear his name and achieve his dreams, or will his past catch up with him and ruin everything?