Flanagan’s Strings

201 pages

In the tradition of cozy mystery tales like “Doc Martin” and “Midsomer Murders”, “Flanagan’s Strings” is the first in a series of follow-ups to Warren Adler’s popular mystery novel, “Flanagan’s Dolls”.  The latest Lakeside Falls Mystery is a delicious cocktail of charm, mystifying clues and trivial pursuits that once again follows Josh and Emily Flanagan along with their loyal rottweiler, Caesar, as they piece together the clues to an all-new baffling case.

Josh Flanagan – ex New Yorker, rare antique dealer and dedicated amateur sleuth – is drawn into another enigmatic case when he is asked to provide an appraisal of a damaged antique violin.  With this assignment, Flanagan, his wife Emily and their trusty rottweiler, Caesar, discover that the valuable violin is inextricably tied to the death of a beloved professor at nearby Laklandia College. Their search leads them into a wormhole of international intrigue, academic jealousy, organized crime and pure greed. Ultimately, our loveable trio are forced to confront danger in order to trap the killers into revealing themselves.

See news about this book being published from May 9, 2020.