Mission Churchill

276 pages

by  Alex Abella  (Author) 

Inspired by Target Churchill, the novel by Warren Adler and James C. Humes

In 1933 Cuba, a deadly game of cat and mouse unfolds. An IRA sharpshooter, driven by vengeance and a relentless mission, has Winston Churchill in his crosshairs. But just as the assassin is about to strike, Churchill’s tenacious bodyguard, Walter Thompson, intervenes, forcing the killer into the shadows.

Years later, amid the fiery rain of the German Blitz on London, Thompson locks eyes with a ghost from Havana—the very same assassin. But now, the stakes are higher. As Thompson dives deeper into the city’s underworld, he uncovers a chilling conspiracy within the British government, threatening to topple Churchill and hand victory to Hitler.

Racing against time amidst the backdrop of a city in chaos, Thompson must decipher the twisted web of treachery to save his nation and the man he’s sworn to protect. But at what cost?

Dive into a high-octane thriller where history hangs in the balance, alliances are tested, and one man stands against the darkness.

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In the end, this narrative stands as a testament to the enduring power of loyalty, sacrifice, and the unyielding determination to protect against the malevolent tides seeking to reshape the destiny of nations. Walter Thompson’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding Churchill becomes a poignant testament to the indomitable human spirit in the face of adversity—a tale echoing far beyond the confines of mere historical records. – The Historical Fiction Book Company

Abella (The Great American) spins an exciting and colorful historical thriller centered on epochal British Prime Minister Winston Churchill… While the story itself is thrilling and filled with shocks, it’s Abella’s attention to character and historical detail that makes Mission Churchill a success. [A] Historical thriller with compelling cast and white-knuckle suspense. –Booklife Reviews