The Casanova Embrace

Seduction has a way of hitting its target faster than bullets.

From the carcass of a Washington D.C. car bomb, a political mystery spawns a page-turning investigation into the assassination of Eduardo Allesandro Palmero, Chilean dissident and a skillful womanizer. As CIA investigator Alfred Dobbs pieces together the evidence, Palmero’s politically turbulent life comes to light. But what Dobbs soon discovers soars beyond his wildest imagination.

At the height of international terrorism, Palmero fights his war with an unlikely weapon, seduction. Marie DeFarge, Frederika Millspaugh and Penny Anne McCarthy, Palmero’s sex-craving subjects are rallied into battle, tearing them from a life of tranquility and into the passionate caress of a man who will stop at nothing for a cause, his cause.

But when Eduardo’s carpet of lies begins to unravel, thread by thread, and his obsession-inducing sexual offensive comes to a halt, his very fate is at stake. Will the feared Chilean Intelligence Agency finally get him? Will love and sex intoxicate the minds of three women descending beyond reason? Or will the conned women become the conwomen?