The Womanizer

An adulterer tries to make peace with his past.

Allen Harris is a pillar of the community, a married lawyer of spotless reputation who is asked to assume the presidency of a conservative university after its last president has been fired for engaging in a sexual affair with a student. He is to be vetted by the Board of Directors who want to be certain that there is nothing in Harris’ past that will cause another scandal that has badly damaged the image of the institution. He asserts to the board that his married life is without blemish and he has never engaged in adulterous or clandestine affairs. His assertion is an outright lie since he, cunningly and secretly, engaged in a series of sexual liaisons in other cities in the course of his practice. To assure that these relationships remain secret, he decides to surreptitiously set about finding these former lovers to be certain that they will not reveal his double life and spoil his chances for the presidency. Of the four women with whom he had entered into these relationships he finds three but cannot find the fourth. What he discovers is the startling truth about these affairs and a bizarre twist of fate that reveals what happened to his fourth mistress