Torture Man

315 pages

“Torture Man is drama on every page, with suspenseful and gripping scenes. The characters chosen for this novel are shown realistically and blend easily with the plot. It is an imaginative and terrifying story, a thriller from the first page to the last, and also an exciting drama. With many interwoven snippets of personal tragedies and events relating to almost all the characters, the ‘story’ in this tale reaches epic proportions. It is a worthy addition to one’s collection of thrillers. Very well narrated, this keeps you immersed from the time you open the book till you reach the back cover.” – READERS’ FAVORITE


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The caller made it clear—$10 million or her daughter’s head. The power of unintended consequences sends the privileged life of prominent anti-war activist Sarah Raab crashing down around her. Fear and terror take hold and Sarah turns to former CIA operative Carl Hellmann, a man she has only just met and who stands against everything she has been fighting for. How could this happen? Why would a terrorist group target her family? Confusion turns to fear and anger as Sarah faces the shocking truth lying beneath the surface of her life. And though Carl’s interrogation methods violate everything Sarah believes in, they may be the only way to save her daughter’s life. Faced with horrific choices, Torture Man takes the reader on a torturous weekend where Wall Street kickbacks, deceit, corruption, and jihad collide on the Upper East Side of New York City.