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Alexis Donkin


I write what I write because of love. I love people and want them to do better. I want them to be better. I know the power of stories because I was raised on them – a child of two ministers. My parents are excellent storytellers. This gift was handed down for generations on both sides of my family. I couldn’t help but use it.

It is my purpose. It is my purpose to share ideas that break down barriers and build the human community. Every novel and blog post seeks to increase compassion and empathy. Every poem and memoir seeks to empower and encourage. Everything idea is shared with this intention. It doesn’t matter how many people read or don’t. It doesn’t matter how many minds and hearts are directly impacted. I can’t know how my work will impact the world and I can’t waste energy or resources worrying. All that matters is that my words send ripples. All that matters is the one reader – the one influenced to be better, to be more than what they were before. If I have done that, I am successful. So I write, seeking that one reader, not knowing when they will find me, but sure that someday they will.


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