Boom, Boom, Boom

“Boom, Boom, Boom” as read by Warren Adler [iframe id=”” align=”center” autoplay=”yes”] It ain’t my world no more And I’m getting tired of keeping score I feel trapped in an endless maze Wherever I turn is the latest craze Even when I try to list the things I hate I’m always at the gate too […]

What Will Happen Tomorrow

No one can predict tomorrow If you’ll encounter joy or sorrow Don’t look into a crystal ball It will tell you nothing much at all Things happen that we can’t predict Sudden changes will often interdict Our future’s certainty is a mere illusion And what happens next is an empty delusion Life’s journey is in […]


“Choices” as read by Warren Adler Don’t despair at the present state of affairs Our country simply needs emergency repairs We made some errors in our past elections And need to make some urgent corrections So next time you get to cast your vote Of this idea you must take note Don’t re-elect your last […]

Talking Politics

Talking politics is a dangerous game People are too quick to ascribe blame And often are moved to a terrible rage At others who are not on the same page It is not easy to stay calm When we know they hold us hostage in their palm But then it was always thus Democracy thrives […]

Reading My Blogs

Spare me five minutes of your precious time To read what I occasionally opine Will it be worth those moments to expend? Perhaps, if you follow it to the end Will it affect your life in any way? I hope it may If not, at least I’ve had my say -W.A.


“Dreamer” as read by Warren Adler As I grow old It’s hard to sleep It does no good just counting sheep Too many memories it seems Glut the mind with troubled dreams Over which I sometimes fret While others I completely forget I’m told it’s better to dream than not It proves your mind is […]


Where are all the pretty girls that tended us on every flight And were such a joyous sight The fact is that they’re still there Giving comfort in the air Look hard, you’ll find the shadow of their younger look What nature gave, it later took But if you watch them as they ply the […]