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Alma A.G. Darroux

Writing is my first love. It’s an innate gift from God, which I cherish completely. I loved sharing stories with my mother as a child. I would blurt, “I want to be an author one day.” She would smile, without uttering a word. Pure motivation!

Writing is emotionally significant to me because it allows me to bare my soul. When emerging from girlhood to womanhood, I wrote about ‘love’ and ‘nature’. But by my mid-twenties, I focused on disability issues.

After shockingly experiencing prejudice in the workplace, I later acknowledged another great gift from God, which had emerged—advocacy.

Consequently, I began writing about my experiences as a physically challenged person with my first article in ‘The Independent Newspaper’ in 1995. I advocated for change.

Being a member of the Dominica Writers’ Guild helped enormously! I was surrounded by fantastic writers! I loved attending our poetry sessions, ‘Word, Sound and Power!’ These were splendid nights!

I was such a shy girl back then. However, fellow writers contributed to my artistic development with great tips. The ‘90s was a great decade for writers in my Country!

One of my articles was published in ‘The Caribbean Messenger’, a Church of Christ newsletter in Texas. My poem, ‘Woman and Challenged’, was featured in the anthology, ‘Word, Sound and Power’.

I absolutely love advocacy and writing. It’s interchangeable to me. Writing has allowed me to make a valid contribution to my country’s development.

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