Early Buzz About Mourning Glory

HE’S billing it as fiction, but the plot of the next book from best-selling author Warren Adler will seem like a documentary to the well-heeled residents of Palm Beach. Due in July, “Mourning Glory” is all about a broke but beautiful woman looking for a wealthy husband in the Florida enclave. Her spouse-hunting technique involves […]

Speech Delivered by Warren Adler

At the Public Library AssociationSpring Symposium in Chicago, March 2, 2001 Libraries have always been an important part of my life. My memory is vivid with wonderful images of walking through lines of pushcarts in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn to the lovely children’s library on Stone Avenue where I spent hours and hours searching […]

Power to the Author

Speech Delivered by Warren Adler at the NIST Convention in Washington D.C., September, 2000 A paper delivered by author Warren Adler, September 27th, 2000 at the Third Annual Electronic Book Conference and Show, Ronald Reagan Building, International Trade Center, Washington, D.C. In nearly three decades I have published twenty five fictional works, including twenty three […]

Opening Speech Delivered by Warren Adler

At Jackson Hole Writer’s Conference, 1999 This is the eighth time I’ve been called upon to greet a group of fellow writers who gather here in our little valley, bringing with them their eager aspirations and optimism and, of course, the hope that they will find their voice and hone their creative writing skills. I […]

Opening Speech Delivered by Warren Adler

At Jackson Hole Writer’s Conference, July 3rd, 1997 This is the sixth time I have delivered the welcoming address at the Jackson Hole Writer’s conference. It is always a pleasure to welcome you to our lovely valley and to offer, with great sincerity, my hope that your participation will be invigorating, stimulating and creatively profitable. […]

Reflections on The Sunset Gang

by Warren Adler Originally published in Humanistic Judaism Volume XIX, No. III, Summer 1991; reprinted in Volume XXXIV, No. II, Spring 2006. My parents moved to Florida in 1971, Considering their origins in the ghettos of Europe at the turn of the century, it seemed an ironic ending to a life of struggle and incessant […]

Mystery Scene, Published in Mystery Book News

If necessity is the mother of invention then Fiona FitzGerald, whose third incarnation is now appearing in Immaculate Deception, must be the granddaughter of necessity. She was created out of the compulsive need to “create” which surely afflicts all novelists. Add to that need the fear of time’s relentlessness and you have the perfect prescription […]