poetry from warren adler

Boom, Boom, Boom

“Boom, Boom, Boom” as read by Warren Adler

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It ain’t my world no more

And I’m getting tired of keeping score

I feel trapped in an endless maze

Wherever I turn is the latest craze

Even when I try to list the things I hate

I’m always at the gate too late

In cyberland I wander in a blindfold

Bested by a five year old

In music rap grates my ears

And brings me to the edge of tears

In fact to me pop culture is a foreign land

And there are things I never understand

Perhaps it’s just that life moves faster

And seems too complicated to master

Or it’s just me getting slower

And my IQ is sinking lower

Or the past seems an endless summer

And age is making me dumber

Am I making too much of a fuss?

Perhaps the world was ever thus

And the old like me are getting tired

Our memories mired

In the glories of the past

Discovering that life goes by too fast

And everything that went before

Enriched us more

And what comes next is lesser fare

The present being hard to bear

But even as I set my thoughts in verse

I think tomorrow will be worse

Sorry folks for the doom and gloom

Hear it coming, boom boom boom