Interview with Warren Adler, author of “War of the Roses”

(Source: Two Ends of the Pen) Warren, you have been a part of the literary scene for nearly half a century. At the age of 84, you are one of the elder statesmen for the publishing industry. Where do you see the book industry heading? As I have been predicting ever since I first digitalized […]

What’s Warren Adler reading?

Adler is best known for penning the book-turned-movie The War of the Roses (1989), which starred Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. After finding success in Latin America and Europe, the stage production of War of the Roses will debut on the North American theater circuit in 2013. Adler, 85, grew up in Brooklyn and received […]

13 Books for Your Halloween Reading List

If you’ve had enough of the mostly terrible and seldom excellent horror flicks that invade your TV screen during Halloween, it’s time you get your chills from a book. Warren Adler, with the help of his staff and interns, has complied a list of 13 unlucky books that will satisfy your cravings for blood and […]

Meet Best Selling Author Warren Adler

By Norm Goldman (Article originally published on, August 27, 2012)    Today, Norm Goldman Publisher & Editor of is excited to have as our guest Warren Adler who has written thirty-three novels including The War of The Roses that was made into a movie with Michael Douglas and Random Heartsthat was likewise made into a movie […]

Book Expo’s Authors Studio Interviews Warren Adler

The Authors Studio at the Book Expo America 2012 in New York City sat down with Warren Adler for a brief interview to talk about his books, inspirations and latest novel, The Serpent’s Bite. Listen to the Podcast here.  

Publishers Weekly Talks with Warren Adler

By Liz Hartman, 6/5/2012 (Article originally published on Warren Adler has achieved more than most writers could dream of—he has sold 12 of his books to the movies, including the blockbuster hit The War of the Roses. But at 84, he’s still hungry for more. “I have a tremendous need to keep writing. I’m […]

Some Outrageous and Offbeat Comments about the Publishing Biz

by Warren Adler I am always amused at the game of musical chairs orchestrated by those who run the book publishing industry. The latest is the sudden dismissal of Ann Godoff from the helm of Random House and the appointment of Gina Centrello to head a new combination of Random House and Ballantine Books. Ho […]