My 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

  I couldn’t be more excited for the year ahead. I know that there’s still room to grow no matter how old I get. Resolutions are a terrific way of giving myself an extra nudge in the right direction so I wrote down seven that I plan on following through with. 1. My first New […]

7 Essential Things I’ve Learned About Bad Reviews In My 72 Years As A Novelist

I’ve been a writer for a long time. 72 years to be exact. I’ve learned a lot and continue to do so and I wanted to pass along some of my knowledge to you. Getting bad reviews is just as important as getting ones that praise your work. I hope that my insights inspire you to remain hopeful and […]

How Long Did it Take For You to Get Your First Book Published?

“I didn’t get my first book officially published until I was 46 years old and I’ve been writing full-time ever since” [iframe id=”” align=”center”] HAVE A QUESTION FOR WARREN ADLER? SUBMIT IT IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW! Writers of the World – What’s Your Story? Click to Explore and Submit a Reflection    

Did You Always Want To Be a Novelist?

“My mother was a great reader, my father never read a book, I was never encouraged either way to become a novelist…whatever made me happy was okay with them. I have burned to tell stories and be a writer since I was a teenager though I didn’t get my first book published till I was […]

My Salute to Librarians

From the moment I entered the hushed, sacred precinct of the Brownsville Children’s Library in Brownsville, Brooklyn, back in the mid-1930s, I have been a passionate advocate of the public library. My most profoundly joyous memory is walking through the crowded, noisy, aroma-filled atmosphere of Sutter Avenue, between rows of pushcarts selling anything edible and […]