Funny Boys

“The novel has a laugh track, Adler’s a good storyteller and has an ear for the rhythms of a good joke.” Jewish Journal A comedian in the Catskills circa 1937 interacts with the gangsters from Murder Inc. Even when murderous gangsters are shoving his head into a toilet, Mickey Fine can’t stop making jokes. He […]

The Children of the Roses

What ever happened to the children of Mr. and Mrs. Rose? Warren Adler’s ‘The War of The Roses’ leaped onto the public consciousness and has since remained an essential thread in a wider tapestry of divorce iconography. Now, Adler presents us with the chandelier-shattering legacy of Barbara and Jonathan Rose relived in their children Josh […]

The War of the Roses

The War of the Roses is a clever look at the breakup of a marriage…Both frightening and revealing.” – Washington Star The War of the Roses has emerged over time as a synonym for modern divorce and its emotional aftershock. Since its publication, it has spawned numerous film and stage adaptations, endless discourse on the […]