This first novel by Warren Adler deals with the machinations of a womanizing married Senator whose tryst with a black woman leads to her accidental death by drowning – a primer on how a cunning adulterous politician saves his career. “Excellent… important and timely.” – Baltimore News-American A womanizing married Senator, enjoying a tryst in […]

Twilight Child

The rights of grandparents to visit their beloved grandson pit them against their remarried daughter-in-law. When Charlie and Molly’s son dies, their daughter-in-law remarries and is vaulted into an upper class world of money and privilege. She is now determined to lead a new life and keep her son free from the blue-collar influences of […]

The Housewife Blues

Housewife Blues is the story of a small town girl navigating the frenetic pace of big city life. A small town girl from the Midwest is carried away by her “Prince Charming” to the super-charged canyons of modern New York City. Warned by her uptight advertising executive husband to beware of strangers, the newlywed cannot […]

The Henderson Equation

A Washington newspaper brought down a President. Now it wants to create its own! One of the most electric and insightful books ever written about the power of the media and how it corrupts. The people who run the influential newspaper the Washington Chronicle have just exposed and brought down a President through their investigative […]

The David Embrace

A story about the redemptive power of obsessive passion. In this fast paced erotic thriller a professional hitman, John Champion and Angela Ford, the wife of the man who orders the hit, engage in a passionate overpowering and memorable love affair. Played out against the exotic locales of Florence, the Riviera, the French Alps and […]


How a past evil haunts the present. A firebombing of a black church in Brooklyn that was once a synagogue sets off a chain reaction of international intrigue and bloody violence. The fire bombers are young men of Arab extraction who mistakenly believe that this church whose stain glass windows illustrate the Stars of David […]

Random Hearts

The classic romance novel that inspired the Hollywood film starring Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas, written by the acclaimed novelist Warren Adler, well-known for his iconic novel turned international box-office hit ‘The War of the Roses.’ In an ideal world, they never would have met. Vivien Simpson is a happy stay-at-home mom with a […]