Washington Masquerade

FIONA FITZGERALD MYSTERY SERIES BOOK # 8 Adam Burns, Washington Post columnist and controversial Presidential critic, is dead. With no clear circumstance, speculation, gossip and rumor flood the media–accident, suicide or murder? Conspiracy theories run amok, accusing none other than the President of the United States of America. Was Adam Burns the target of a […]

The Ties That Bind

“Closely resembles the Levy/Condit story… In my opinion, this is the best Fiona mystery to date. Intelligent, engrossing, and with no holds barred” – Amazon Reader Review. FIONA FITZGERALD MYSTERY SERIES BOOK # 7 The daughter of a prominent lawyer is found murdered, and a Supreme Court Justice with a sado-machocistic fetish is the target […]

Senator Love

“Senator Love is an insidious, compelling mystery that keeps the reader guessing… up to the very end.” — Midwest Book Review FIONA FITZGERALD MYSTERY SERIES BOOK # 5 The stunning wife of the Austrian Ambassador is kidnapped and murdered. The bones belonging to a vanished young girl are discovered. Both share the same starling clues […]

The Witch of Watergate

FIONA FITZGERALD MYSTERY SERIES BOOK # 4 When Polly Dearborn, the infamous Washington Post investigative reporter whose poison pen had destroyed many a politician’s career, is found hanging from her Watergate apartment, the elite of Washington rejoice. “The Witch of Watergate” is dead! But this is no time for detective Fiona Fitzgerald to celebrate. Although […]

Death of a Washington Madame

“A wildly kaleidoscopic look at the scandals and political life of Washington D.C.” -Los Angeles Times FIONA FITZGERALD MYSTERY SERIES BOOK # 3 Washington D.C’s struggling underclass and the U.S. Capitol’s socially prominent and politically aggressive upper strata collide in a horrifying crime. Homicide Detective Fiona FitzGerald once again battles prejudice and privilege to uncover […]

American Sextet

“Adler’s a dandy plot-weaver, a real tale-teller.” — Los Angeles Times FIONA FITZGERALD MYSTERY SERIES BOOK # 2 A beautiful young woman dressed in white is found at the bottom of the Duke Ellington Memorial Bridge. Was it a suicide or murder? Fiona Fitzgerald, possessed by a painful personal dilemma, is determined to find out, […]

American Quartet

FIONA FITZGERALD MYSTERY SERIES BOOK # 1  A New York Times ‘Notable Crime’ Book Detective Fiona Fitzgerald is an unlikely force for justice in Washington D.C’s predominantly male police force. As a prominent senator’s daughter and top investigator in the homicide division of the Metropolitan Police Department, Fiona maneuvers between two vastly different worlds, moving […]