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Weighing in on The Torture Report: Torture or Deprogramming?

Amid all the abrasive and conflicting arguments prompted by the so-called torture report released by Senator Feinstein, I am baffled by the absence of the crucial, indispensable question that never entered into the conversation, pro or con. That question is simply why those men who were chosen to endure water-boarding never reacted to other less […]


Real Estate and Rubble: When Marriages Go Awry New York Times, July 12, 2006 Oil, Land and ‘Roses’ Wall Street Journal, December 30, 2005 Peachtree City Library launching online book dialogues in August The Atlanta Journal Constitution, August 9, 2001 Authors of Their Own Fortune The Bookseller (UK), May 4, 2001 Action on “Fiona”, […]

Private Lies Preview

IT ALL BEGAN, as Ken perceived it, with a sudden fit of precognition, and he knew instantly that the mooring lines that stabilized his life were about to show the first signs of major slippage. He had been observing this couple just coming out of the slanting April rain all aflutter and out of breath […]

TV & Films

The war of the roses “The War of the Roses is a clever look at the breakup of a marriage…. Both frightening and revealing.” – Washington Star The War of the Roses has overtime emerged as a synonym for modern divorce and its emotional aftershock. It has since its publication spawned numerous film and stage adaptations, endless discourse […]


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“Private Lies” Fuels Unprecedented Hollywood Bidding War [vimeo id=”59580408″] ABC Interview on “The War of the Roses” and Divorce [vimeo id=”49685926″] “The Home” (from PBS “The Sunset Gang” Adapted Miniseries) [vimeo id=”90356421″] “The Detective” (from PBS “The Sunset Gang” Adapted Miniseries) [vimeo id=”36848762″] “Target Churchill” Book Trailer – A Thriller Torn from the Pages of […]