Lee M. Phillips

Growing up, I was always the shy girl daydreaming in the back of the classroom. I was more content to live inside my own head rather than let others in. My mother had no idea what she’d created when she first told me, ‘You should write these things down!’ I’ve wanted to be a writer […]

Kathleen Elle

My music writing career began in my sophomore year of high school when I traded extracurricular sports for music and took a weekly one-hour class taught by Dr. Kenneth Lampl, who through skill, constant encouragement and patience, awakened in me a talent for writing music I had no idea I possessed. Having always admired great […]

Edie Melson

A lot of people ask me why I started writing, or when I started writing. Truthfully, I’ve been making up stories and writing them down ever since I could hold a crayon and reach a wall. I’m just wired to process life through the written word. But there was a time when I made a […]

Michele Hanson

I started writing to stop myself from going mad. I wasn’t happy at the time. I was thirty, single, a teacher, and my hot water heater kept breaking down. Every Wednesday, my day off, I stayed in waiting for the heater repairmen to come. Every Wednesday they did not come. I stayed at home, crying […]