Kathleen Elle

My music writing career began in my sophomore year of high school when I traded extracurricular sports for music and took a weekly one-hour class taught by Dr. Kenneth Lampl, who through skill, constant encouragement and patience, awakened in me a talent for writing music I had no idea I possessed. Having always admired great […]

Edie Melson

A lot of people ask me why I started writing, or when I started writing. Truthfully, I’ve been making up stories and writing them down ever since I could hold a crayon and reach a wall. I’m just wired to process life through the written word. But there was a time when I made a […]

Michele Hanson

I started writing to stop myself from going mad. I wasn’t happy at the time. I was thirty, single, a teacher, and my hot water heater kept breaking down. Every Wednesday, my day off, I stayed in waiting for the heater repairmen to come. Every Wednesday they did not come. I stayed at home, crying […]