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“Top 10 (Normal) Struggles When Writing a Novel” Featured on BANG2WRITE

BANG2WRITE Features Warren Adler’s “Top 10 (Normal) Struggles When Writing a Novel” 

1) Title dilemmas

Like every author on the planet, I’ve spent endless hours mulling over title options for my work. One strives, of course, to be both memorable and honestly descriptive of the content. But then, by and large, a great title is an art form unto itself and a great title does not necessarily signify a great book.MORE: More About Titles

2) Deleeeeeeeete!!!!

This may seem insane but I normally know whether or not I am on to something good only after being 100 pages into a story. I’m willing to bet some you go much farther?? MORE: WHY This Story? … Or 8 Questions They’re **Really** Asking

3) Other people don’t understand

I’m usually very regimented about my writing schedule and typically wake up at about 5Am and start writing until 10 AM. There have been times, however, where I’ve spent an entire day in my study working on a novel. Little do these friends know the kind of dynamic journey writers go on in their work. MORE: Help – My Partner Won’t Let Me Write!

4) Choosing between Creativity & Money

We don’t live by money alone. For those who aspire to the high art of literary writing, similarly to painters, composers, musicians, and others who prize, above all, discovering insight into the human condition, we will always put creation over the clink of coinage (or at least find a clever way to bridge the gap). MOREWriters, Make A Choice   

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