Warren Adler Launches Book Experience Application with Dynamics for Dynamics ePlate Credit Card Device




October 23, 2012


World-renowned author Warren Adler today launches with Dynamics a payments application for the battery-powered Dynamics ePlate™ credit card device. The innovative offering lets consumers earn exclusive Warren Adler books with every purchase.

When the Warren Adler experience™ is selected, a consumer will earn Adler’s masterpiece The War of the Roses for the first $25 the consumer spends using their ePlate™. The ebook is delivered instantly to their mobile phone the second the purchase is completed. Subsequent purchases help earn additional books in the collection as well as one chapter at a time of an exclusive, never before published Warren Adler book. Upon completing the library, the consumer will receive physical copy of The War of the Roses personally signed by Warren Adler, and the complete exclusive book. This version of the work will only be available to Dynamics ePlate™ users.

Consumers can sign up for a battery-powered Dynamics ePlate™ credit card device at www.dynamicsinc.com/warrenadler

“When I saw the ePlate™ platform, I thought this was an innovative way to engage my readers,” said Warren Adler. “I also wanted to reward them with a unique way to experience more of my books.”

“The Warren Adler experience™ application is perfect for any avid reader,” said Jeff Mullen, CEO of Dynamics. “The instantaneous nature of the system provides the user a book in the format of their choosing within seconds of swiping the ePlate™ device.”

The ePlate™ credit card device is subject to a credit approval.

How It Works

ePlate™ is connected to an ecosystem of experience™ providers that each deliver an individualized brand experience, through an experience™ application, to the consumer. Prior to a purchase, consumers select multiple experience™ applications on their smart phone, tablet, or computer to port to their ePlate™ device. At the time of purchase, the consumer can use different buttons on their ePlate™ device to select different experience™ applications. To learn more about the ePlate™ device, watch the video at www.dynamicsinc.com.

About Dynamics Inc.

Dynamics Inc., founded in 2007 by Jeff Mullen, designs and manufactures intelligent battery-powered payment devices and advanced payment platforms. The company won the $1M People’s Choice Award at DEMO Fall 2010, four Finovate Best of Show awards, and Best in Show for Personal Electronics at the 2011 International CES show. Dynamics investors include Adams Capital Management and Bain Capital Ventures. For more information, visit www.dynamicsinc.com.

About Warren Adler

World-renowned author Warren Adler recently released his 33rd book, The Serpent’s Bite. Best known for The War of the Roses, his masterpiece fictionalization of a macabre divorce turned into the dark comedy box office hit starring Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito, Adler quickly became the fountainhead of Hollywood screenplay adaptations, fueling an unprecedented bidding war in a Hollywood commission for his unpublished book Private Lies. The New York Post reported, “Tri-Star Pictures… purchased the film rights to Private Lies for …the highest sums yet paid in Hollywood for an unpublished manuscript.” While The War of the Roses garnered outstanding box office and critical success with Golden GlobeBAFTA and multiple award nominations internationally, Adler went on to sell movie and film rights for 12 books, all noted for his character driven and masterful storytelling.


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