Meet Best Selling Author Warren Adler

By Norm Goldman (Article originally published on, August 27, 2012)    Today, Norm Goldman Publisher & Editor of is excited to have as our guest Warren Adler who has written thirty-three novels including The War of The Roses that was made into a movie with Michael Douglas and Random Heartsthat was likewise made into a movie […]

Counting the Bodies

Never before in a lifetime spent as a media hound and news junkie have I noted, with dismay, the amount of ink and digital bytes spent on documenting and numerically recording body counts.

Coming Solo

…sexual pleasure, of course, has its own cohesive attributes in a relationship. But it is not the only bonding mechanism between people, and the degree of sensation is arguably not necessarily the grand prize of such a relationship. Like in the Olympics, sometimes people are quite satisfied getting a silver or a bronze medal. Not everyone can win gold, and sometimes just being there is reward enough.

No Escape From the Huckster

Nowadays, in America and probably many parts of the world, going to the movies before the feature comes on has become an annoying and aggressive assault on your nerves, eyeballs, hearing and intelligence; of course, the bottom line of all this hullabaloo is aimed straight at your pocketbook.

The Enemy Within

The recent horrific incident in Aurora and the mass killing sprees that have taken place in our country and others since the Unruh killings indicate that, however we explain and analyze them after the fact, however modern science and technology has tried to predict such behavior in advance, we have been unable to protect society from the dangers of such a sudden violent and destructive aberration.

25 Years After: The Dark Appeal of the Divorce Novel

25 Years After: The Dark Appeal of the Divorce Novel This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the publication of The War of the Roses, by Warren Adler. Long considered a classic novel of divorce and the American zeitgeist, the book was further popularized by a film adaptation and remains in print as well as […]

Power to the Author

Speech Delivered by Warren Adler at the NIST Convention in Washington D.C., September, 2000 A paper delivered by author Warren Adler, September 27th, 2000 at the Third Annual Electronic Book Conference and Show, Ronald Reagan Building, International Trade Center, Washington, D.C. In nearly three decades I have published twenty five fictional works, including twenty three […]