Warren Adler Launches Book Experience Application with Dynamics for Dynamics ePlate Credit Card Device

World-renowned author Warren Adler today launches with Dynamics a payments application for the battery-powered Dynamics ePlate™ credit card device. The innovative offering lets consumers earn exclusive Warren Adler books with every purchase.

When the Warren Adler experience™ is selected, a consumer will earn Adler’s masterpiece The War of the Roses for the first $25 the consumer spends using their ePlate™. The ebook is delivered instantly to their mobile phone the second the purchase is completed. Subsequent purchases help earn additional books in the collection as well as one chapter at a time of an exclusive, never before published Warren Adler book. Upon completing the library, the consumer will receive physical copy of The War of the Roses personally signed by Warren Adler, and the complete exclusive book. This version of the work will only be available to Dynamics ePlate™ users. ePlate™ is connected to an ecosystem of experience™ providers that each deliver an individualized brand experience, through an experience™ application, to the consumer. Prior to a purchase, consumers select multiple experience™ applications on their smart phone, tablet, or computer to port to their ePlate™ device. At the time of purchase, the consumer can use different buttons on their ePlate™ device to select different experience™ applications.

13 Books for Your Halloween Reading List

If you’ve had enough of the mostly terrible and seldom excellent horror flicks that invade your TV screen during Halloween, it’s time you get your chills from a book. Warren Adler, with the help of his staff and interns, has complied a list of 13 unlucky books that will satisfy your cravings for blood and […]

Warren Adler: From man-about-town to the life-and-death obsession to write

By Erin Williams, August 30, 2012 (Article originally published in The Washington Post)   Warren Adler has lived more lives than the most feisty of cats. His storied career began six decades ago when he served as the only Washington correspondent for the Armed Force Press Service, a position that had him covering White House news […]

Meet Best Selling Author Warren Adler

By Norm Goldman (Article originally published on BookPleasures.com, August 27, 2012)    Today, Norm Goldman Publisher & Editor of Bookpleasures.com is excited to have as our guest Warren Adler who has written thirty-three novels including The War of The Roses that was made into a movie with Michael Douglas and Random Heartsthat was likewise made into a movie […]

Counting the Bodies

Never before in a lifetime spent as a media hound and news junkie have I noted, with dismay, the amount of ink and digital bytes spent on documenting and numerically recording body counts.

Coming Solo

…sexual pleasure, of course, has its own cohesive attributes in a relationship. But it is not the only bonding mechanism between people, and the degree of sensation is arguably not necessarily the grand prize of such a relationship. Like in the Olympics, sometimes people are quite satisfied getting a silver or a bronze medal. Not everyone can win gold, and sometimes just being there is reward enough.

No Escape From the Huckster

Nowadays, in America and probably many parts of the world, going to the movies before the feature comes on has become an annoying and aggressive assault on your nerves, eyeballs, hearing and intelligence; of course, the bottom line of all this hullabaloo is aimed straight at your pocketbook.