Weighing in on The Torture Report: Torture or Deprogramming?

Amid all the abrasive and conflicting arguments prompted by the so-called torture report released by Senator Feinstein, I am baffled by the absence of the crucial, indispensable question that never entered into the conversation, pro or con. That question is simply why those men who were chosen to endure water-boarding never reacted to other less […]

How do you Decide the Ending of a Story?

Roderick Thorp was part of a small group of novelists who came together on a monthly basis in the late eighties in Los Angeles to chew the fat. Rod had made a breakthrough success at the age of twenty-seven with the novel The Detective, which became a very successful movie starring Frank Sinatra. Rod’s novel […]

The Warren Adler Holiday Gift Guide

Wondering what to get your loved ones for the holidays? Warren Adler has a book for everyone! Thrill seeking, without the snow in your boots:       The holidays getting a little too sugary sweet? Chew on these gritty mysteries:        Don’t want to look at family photos? Here’s something a little less sentimental: […]

Detective Enjoys Fame as Model for Whodunit – Warren Adler’s Fiona Fitzgerald Mystery Series

“As a 10-year veteran of the local police force, the 32-year-old Miss Roberts has been bitten, kicked and scratched by unwilling suspects. She has chased burglars, investigated murders and attended more autopsies than she cares to remember.

When a local author (Warren Adler) suggested that she would make a terrific character in a novel, Miss Roberts replied, “You’ve got to be kidding.”

What Can Be Done About the Pain of Divorce? Divorce Consultant Joy A. Dryer Reviews “The War of the Roses – The Children”

We know that marital conflict negatively affects children’s adjustment, and divorce specifically increases risk for children, as the high drama of The War of the Roses – The Children underlines. However, several factors make today’s divorce more humane, where both adults’ and kids’ voices are heard by all….

And If The Polls Are Dead Wrong?

Allow me to make a hypothetical assumption that to many will border on fantasy.

Suppose all the polls which predict one of the tightest races in Presidential electoral history are dead wrong and one or another candidate wins in a landslide, both popular and electoral?

Warren Adler Launches Book Experience Application with Dynamics for Dynamics ePlate Credit Card Device

World-renowned author Warren Adler today launches with Dynamics a payments application for the battery-powered Dynamics ePlate™ credit card device. The innovative offering lets consumers earn exclusive Warren Adler books with every purchase.

When the Warren Adler experience™ is selected, a consumer will earn Adler’s masterpiece The War of the Roses for the first $25 the consumer spends using their ePlate™. The ebook is delivered instantly to their mobile phone the second the purchase is completed. Subsequent purchases help earn additional books in the collection as well as one chapter at a time of an exclusive, never before published Warren Adler book. Upon completing the library, the consumer will receive physical copy of The War of the Roses personally signed by Warren Adler, and the complete exclusive book. This version of the work will only be available to Dynamics ePlate™ users. ePlate™ is connected to an ecosystem of experience™ providers that each deliver an individualized brand experience, through an experience™ application, to the consumer. Prior to a purchase, consumers select multiple experience™ applications on their smart phone, tablet, or computer to port to their ePlate™ device. At the time of purchase, the consumer can use different buttons on their ePlate™ device to select different experience™ applications.