For True Believers Only

Why didn’t He make us generous and kind What do you suppose was in His mind Why so many choices? Why so many voices? Why so many races? Why so many faces? Why create the game of life With so much pain and so much strife? Was His original plan upended And not what He […]

Slowing Down

Better to ignore the news Than ponder such conflicting views The cacophony is far too loud With no discernment in the crowd It comes to us at breakneck speed A tsunami of words we rarely heed And fills our mind with platitudes That attempts to change our attitudes There is just too much to contemplate […]


Does life extend Beyond our end? Such questions occupy the aging brain A perpetual refrain Are there expectations ahead After our body is dead? Does it really matter To dwell on such useless patter After all, no one has yet come back From a run around life’s track To bear testimony that he once lived […]


Soon my generation will be swept away And we will have had our say Will we have left a better place Or just a lot of empty space? Did we do any good To foster universal brotherhood? It doesn’t look that way from here But then we’re looking at the rear Okay then let’s look […]

New York

New York is a city in perpetual motion Not by any means a tranquil ocean, Its millions going, always going night and day Round and round, back and forth, in every way, It’s here where people bring their dreams Searching for the spotlight’s beams In this land of silk and satin To taste the glories […]


“Ending” as read by Warren Adler For some it is abrupt, some linger, some flicker Slow agony for some, for lucky others, quicker It matters not, the end is the end is the end Ever meet a returnee, friend? If so, tell me then -W.A.

I Am Free

“I am Free” as read by Warren Adler Label me not Don’t throw me in a pot As part of a stew What I say may not be true Don’t count me in your polls Or put me on your rolls My opinions are my own And mine alone When I speak I am unique […]