Senator Love

“Senator Love is an insidious, compelling mystery that keeps the reader guessing… up to the very end.” — Midwest Book Review FIONA FITZGERALD MYSTERY SERIES BOOK # 5 The stunning wife of the Austrian Ambassador is kidnapped and murdered. The bones belonging to a vanished young girl are discovered. Both share the same starling clues […]

The Witch of Watergate

FIONA FITZGERALD MYSTERY SERIES BOOK # 4 When Polly Dearborn, the infamous Washington Post investigative reporter whose poison pen had destroyed many a politician’s career, is found hanging from her Watergate apartment, the elite of Washington rejoice. “The Witch of Watergate” is dead! But this is no time for detective Fiona Fitzgerald to celebrate. Although […]

Death of a Washington Madame

“A wildly kaleidoscopic look at the scandals and political life of Washington D.C.” -Los Angeles Times FIONA FITZGERALD MYSTERY SERIES BOOK # 3 Washington D.C’s struggling underclass and the U.S. Capitol’s socially prominent and politically aggressive upper strata collide in a horrifying crime. Homicide Detective Fiona FitzGerald once again battles prejudice and privilege to uncover […]

American Sextet

“Adler’s a dandy plot-weaver, a real tale-teller.” — Los Angeles Times FIONA FITZGERALD MYSTERY SERIES BOOK # 2 A beautiful young woman dressed in white is found at the bottom of the Duke Ellington Memorial Bridge. Was it a suicide or murder? Fiona Fitzgerald, possessed by a painful personal dilemma, is determined to find out, […]

American Quartet

FIONA FITZGERALD MYSTERY SERIES BOOK # 1  A New York Times ‘Notable Crime’ Book Detective Fiona Fitzgerald is an unlikely force for justice in Washington D.C’s predominantly male police force. As a prominent senator’s daughter and top investigator in the homicide division of the Metropolitan Police Department, Fiona maneuvers between two vastly different worlds, moving […]

Immaculate Deception

“Adler has created a believable, strong and gutsy heroine.” — Grand Rapids Press FIONA FITZGERALD MYSTERY SERIES BOOK #6 The clock is ticking both figuratively and biologically. During Fiona Fitzgerald’s pursuit to conceive a child, a powerful female pro-life congresswoman is found dead. It appears to be suicide, but Fiona is puzzled and continues to investigate. […]