How a past evil haunts the present. A firebombing of a black church in Brooklyn that was once a synagogue sets off a chain reaction of international intrigue and bloody violence. The fire bombers are young men of Arab extraction who mistakenly believe that this church whose stain glass windows illustrate the Stars of David […]

The Womanizer

An adulterer tries to make peace with his past. Allen Harris is a pillar of the community, a married lawyer of spotless reputation who is asked to assume the presidency of a conservative university after its last president has been fired for engaging in a sexual affair with a student. He is to be vetted […]

Blood Ties

An arms-dealing family confronts a moral dilemma in the nuclear age. During a family reunion at their ancestral castle, the famed Von Kassel family — arms dealers for over a hundred years — suddenly find themselves in possession of stolen plutonium capable of creating the most destructive weapon on earth. Previously aloof from the moral […]

Flanagan’s Dolls

A mystery story revolves around an antique doll. Josh and Emily Flanagan return to their hometown in upper Michigan where they open a funky antique shop which they hope will provide a sane and comfortable retirement. Both have pursued successful careers in Manhattan, she as an appraiser of antiques for an auction house and he […]


When a healthy diet and daily exercise are not recommended. Jack Cooper is an unhappy man; mind, body, and spirit. In the blink of an eye, he lost his job to the economy, his mother to illness, and his wife to her secret lover. Beaten, broken, and crippled by tragedy, he has withdrawn into total […]

Washington Masquerade

FIONA FITZGERALD MYSTERY SERIES BOOK # 8 Adam Burns, Washington Post columnist and controversial Presidential critic, is dead. With no clear circumstance, speculation, gossip and rumor flood the media–accident, suicide or murder? Conspiracy theories run amok, accusing none other than the President of the United States of America. Was Adam Burns the target of a […]

The Ties That Bind

“Closely resembles the Levy/Condit story… In my opinion, this is the best Fiona mystery to date. Intelligent, engrossing, and with no holds barred” – Amazon Reader Review. FIONA FITZGERALD MYSTERY SERIES BOOK # 7 The daughter of a prominent lawyer is found murdered, and a Supreme Court Justice with a sado-machocistic fetish is the target […]