Warren Adler’s “Confronting Your Bad Reviews” Featured on THE WRITE CONVERSATION

“Every serious novelist worth their salt believes in their soul that they have written a brilliant novel or multiple novels in which the reader will find compelling characters engaged in deeply imagined stories that profoundly illustrate the human condition. What every novelist, traditionally or self-published, yearns for is for others to be moved by their […]


“So, when I wake in the morning, I never get out of bed until I have wrung what I can from my memory. I try to go back to babyhood; I have managed to remember as far back as my days in a carriage. Sights and smells come back to me: the touch of my […]

AMERICAN QUARTET Booktube Review by Rachel Writes

  [iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/Tlb_hY68tJQ” align=”center”] Get your copy of AMERICAN QUARTET here

Warren Adler’s “Top 10 (Normal) Struggles When Writing a Novel” Featured on WRITER’S DIGEST

1. You find yourself in the throes of a title dilemma Like every author on the planet, I’ve spent endless hours mulling over title options for my work. One strives, of course, to be both memorable and honestly descriptive of the content. But then, by and large, a great title is an art form unto […]

The Huffington Post features Warren Adler’s “Writing Contests: A Cautionary Tale”

“These writing contests, with their prestigious sounding names, offer the impression of quality promotion for the winners and, of course, bragging rights which can be dubious and of suspect value. One wonders who the judges are that are taking on such a massive amount of submissions. Few of these contest sponsors reveal their methods or […]

Warren Adler’s Thriller TORTURE MAN in the Works as a Movie

Warren Adler’s Grey Eagle Films has tapped Hernany Perla to adapt Adler’s upcoming thriller “Torture Man” as a movie. Perla’s credits include the Blacklist script “Blink,” set up with Atlas Independent, along with “Revelations” at Lotus Entertainment. Adler is best known for writing the novel “The War of the Roses,” which was adapted into a […]