IndieReader Features “A Novelist’s Most Important Tool”

An idea storms your consciousness. You scramble to jot it down before it dissipates. What do you reach for? Do you type that brilliant line of dialogue on your phone or do you reach for your trusty notepad? If so, what kind of notebook is it? Are the pages lined or blank? Do you jot […]

Exclusive Pfizer Interview with Warren Adler: “The War of the Roses Author Declares War on Ageism”

Warren Adler talks ageism and staying in the creative ballgame in an exclusive interview with Pfizer for their popular GET OLD campaign At 87, the author of more than 50 novels, including the 1981 tumultous divorce classic, The War of the Roses(which he adapted into a screenplay of the same name, and the 1989 film […]

THE AMERICAN SPECTATOR Features “Brainwashing and the Jihadist Agenda”

In all the reporting, analysis and dissection of the events in Paris in which jihadists murdered innocent people, then pulled the plug on their suicide vests and blew themselves up, I have yet to hear anyone truly look deep enough into the motivation of the young people who did this horrific deed…Continue Reading on The […]

WRITERS’ VILLAGE Features “How Do You Cope with Bad Feedback on Your Work?”

Every serious novelist worth their salt believes in their soul that they have written a brilliant novel or multiple novels in which the reader will find compelling characters engaged in deeply imagined stories that profoundly illustrate the human condition. What every novelist, traditionally or self-published, yearns for is for others to be moved by their […]

AMERICAN THINKER Features “The 2016 Presidential Candidates and the Fine Art of Casting a Novel”

The hyperactive presidential campaign with its debates and exposure dominating the media provides enormous grist for the novelist’s mill. The array of characters throwing their hat into the ring to be the next president offers a cornucopia of humanity: ambitions, obsessions, biographies, anxieties, and yes, cunning, deception, hypocrisy, braggadocio and every other trait associated with […]

THOUGHT CATALOG Features “Will TV/Film Kill the Literary Star?”

As a longtime practitioner of the art of fiction writing and a committed reader of the works of others, I have been thinking a great deal about the impact of the proliferating film/TV industry on the future of reading. Having lived through the golden age of Hollywood films shown in ubiquitous neighborhood theaters in the […]

THE DAILY BEAST Features “Why Should Novelists Be Politically Correct?”

“The recent flap over a romance novel titled For Such a Time whose plot features a concentration camp inmate falling in love with her Nazi captor has aroused the wrath of various critics and readers on grounds that it is too discomfiting and disturbing to have been published. While I can understand why some readers […]