Marcus Sedgwick

When I was a young man I had a desire to do something creative, but I didn’t know what that thing was. I tried various outlets to express myself: I painted, I made wood cuts and wood engravings, I taught myself to carve stone. I sold a few pieces but something was missing, and that […]

Pia de Jong

I began writing in the middle of a single sweltering midsummer night in the year 2004 and have not stopped writing since. I had spent the previous years in fear for our newborn daughter Charlotte, who had been diagnosed with a severe leukemia. But to our amazement and delight Charlotte went into spontaneous remission. It felt […]

Estelle Laure

I began writing because I got too full to hold everything in. I tried. Went for years without any outlet except some occasional extravagant baking. I can’t cut straight, can’t so much as draw a stick figure. My hands are useless for fine art. Writing sometimes isn’t much better. When asked what his favorite part […]

Lawrence Block

I was 15 when I first considered becoming a writer, and from that moment on I never seriously considered anything else. It seemed to me that this would be something I could do reasonably well, and that I would find it satisfying and fulfilling. I was conveniently unaware of the odds against succeeding in the […]

Deb Caletti

I’ve always felt that being a writer is more about who you are than what you do. I’ve been a writer since the age of six or so, shortly after I fell in love with reading. Way back from the first grade, I’d write stories which would win school-wide contests, and I’d run to my […]

Leslie Shimotakahara

During my childhood and early teens, I used to write stories in little notebooks that I would share with no one. When I began university, my attention got sucked away from creative writing and redirected toward the academic study of literature. After doing a Ph.D. at Brown in American Literary Modernism, I taught for a […]

Ben Greenman

I started writing because the world sometimes made no sense, and I wanted it to make sense. I didn’t understand why people said one thing and did another, or how history consistently injured those who were trapped inside it. I wanted to unravel that. I wasn’t sure at the time whether I wanted to write […]