“‘The ‘Veddy’ Formal Dinner Party’ is a satirical piece I wrote that was originally published in 1977 in Washington Dossier, the society magazine for the nation’s capital from 1975-1991 run by my wife and eldest son. Every page in the magazine reveals a different nuance of life during that era – revisiting this piece brought […]


Read the Short Story “The Dividing Line” from NEW YORK ECHOES 1

Lavine was sitting in his East Side apartment reading the New York Times. From time to time he lifted his eyes to peer out the window, where across the street a glass-walled, spanking-new condominium was taking shape. His wife, Betsy, was sitting opposite reading the arts section of the Times. Occasionally she would glance upward […]

High Noon in Hollywood

A clever look into the machinations of Hollywood from the bestselling author of the blockbuster hit The War of the Roses. When Hollywood producer Zane Galvin’s failed movie leaves him with a $5 million debt and thirty days to pay it off, he goes to unpredictable extremes to raise the money. Joining in on his scheme […]

What if The Roses Had Taken Advantage of Quickie Divorces Online?

The recent launch of It’s Over Easy sent a steady stream of emails my way with the following question: What does the author of The War of the Roses have to say about quickie divorces online? It’s Over Easy, launched by celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser, is the most recent online platform created to help […]

“Crime and Punishment” from Jackson Hole: Uneasy Eden

Click here to read the short story “Crime and Punishment” from Warren Adler’s short story collection Jackson Hole: Uneasy Eden. Now on Audible!