The Watergate by Joseph Rodota: A Book Review from Warren Adler

To many, mentioning the word “Watergate” recalls a four-decade-old historical event that caused the downfall of the 37th American President, Richard Nixon. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of books have been written cataloging, commenting and analyzing this astounding hiccup in American national life. To others, especially those in the Washington area, it is an apartment, hotel and […]

Warren Adler’s Top 5 Picks for Books to Read this Valentine’s Day

Love remains one of our greatest mysteries and one of my greatest sources of inspiration. What makes us fall in love? Why do we fall out of love? Why that person and not another? Fiction that captures love in all of its nuances and complexities is worth a read. Here are my top 5 picks […]

A Roman à Clef and its Aftermath

A roman à clef is a French word that loosely defines a novel as a work of fiction based on real events and characters. It is not a precise definition, especially if it is based on contemporary events since present time blends into historical time at an ever-accelerating pace and distorts any attempt at authenticity. […]

My Top 8 Picks to Read For a Different Take On Dysfunctional Family Life

There is a dark side to human nature that we have to continue to fight. We can preach all about love — love thy neighbour, do unto others — but people just do the most horrible things. Of course, for an author, conflict is our meat and potatoes and in terms of my writing, I […]

The Greatest Gift We Can Give to Our Youth is a Passion For Literacy

It is my belief that literacy provides our youth with the soul of education and allows them to attain a deeper understanding of what makes us human; the joys, perils, and insights of our experience. I applaud and celebrate those who understand the importance of instilling a passion for literacy in our young people and […]

My Salute to Librarians

  From the moment I entered the hushed, sacred precinct of the Brownsville Children’s Library in Brownsville, Brooklyn, back in the mid-1930s, I have been a passionate advocate of the public library. My most profoundly joyous memory is walking through the crowded, noisy, aroma-filled atmosphere of Sutter Avenue, between rows of pushcarts selling anything edible and […]

Warren Adler’s 10 Resolutions for 2018