Publishers Weekly Talks with Warren Adler

By Liz Hartman, 6/5/2012 (Article originally published on Warren Adler has achieved more than most writers could dream of—he has sold 12 of his books to the movies, including the blockbuster hit The War of the Roses. But at 84, he’s still hungry for more. “I have a tremendous need to keep writing. I’m […]

The Author as Entrepreneur: A Q&A with Warren Adler

by Matthew Cavnar on August 2, 2012 (Article originally published on Author of 32 novels, numerous screen plays, short stories and plays, at 84 Warren Adler could be content to enjoy his success—but there’s no retirement for artists, especially not artist-entrepreneurs. And especially not in the digital era. We’re pleased to offer 28 of Adler’s eBooks through our Vook […]

No Escape From the Huckster

Nowadays, in America and probably many parts of the world, going to the movies before the feature comes on has become an annoying and aggressive assault on your nerves, eyeballs, hearing and intelligence; of course, the bottom line of all this hullabaloo is aimed straight at your pocketbook.

The Enemy Within

The recent horrific incident in Aurora and the mass killing sprees that have taken place in our country and others since the Unruh killings indicate that, however we explain and analyze them after the fact, however modern science and technology has tried to predict such behavior in advance, we have been unable to protect society from the dangers of such a sudden violent and destructive aberration.

Interview with “War of the Roses” author, Warren Adler

Warren Adler: On His Popular Novel, Married Couples, and Loving Your Work By Dan Couvrette, CEO, Divorce Marketing Group, Divorce Magazine and Family Lawyer Magazine. Warren Adler is best known as the author of the legendary novel “War of the Roses”. So far, he has published 32 novels and short story collections. Recently, he spoke with Divorce […]

Top 10 Movies About Divorce in America

Divorces are never fun to go through, but some of us enjoy watching movies on divorce. If you enjoy watching movies on divorce, then get ready for our top 10 movies about divorce in America …

From the WSJ: “The Divorce Generation”

Having survived their own family splits, Generation X parents are determined to keep their marriages together. It doesn’t always work.