Peachtree City Library launching online book dialogues in August

From The Atlanta Journal Constitution, August 9, 2001 By  ABBY G. BRUNKS The Peachtree City Library will soon be offering more than the usual literary selections. Starting Aug. 16, Author Access online book discussions will debut with author Warren Adler as the first guest. Adler, who has written 23 novels, is one of the few, […], Digital D.I.Y.

From Publisher’s Weekly, June 4, 2001 By using digital books and print-on-demand technology, authors who own the rights to their work can now make their stories available directly to readers, on the author’s own terms. One of the first authors to fully exploit this opportunity is Warren Adler, author of 24 novels, including War of […]

Power to the Author

Speech Delivered by Warren Adler at the NIST Convention in Washington D.C., September, 2000 A paper delivered by author Warren Adler, September 27th, 2000 at the Third Annual Electronic Book Conference and Show, Ronald Reagan Building, International Trade Center, Washington, D.C. In nearly three decades I have published twenty five fictional works, including twenty three […]

Reflections on The Sunset Gang

by Warren Adler Originally published in Humanistic Judaism Volume XIX, No. III, Summer 1991; reprinted in Volume XXXIV, No. II, Spring 2006. My parents moved to Florida in 1971, Considering their origins in the ghettos of Europe at the turn of the century, it seemed an ironic ending to a life of struggle and incessant […]

A Writer Who Says Getting His Own Way is the Way to Success

From New York Times, April 1, 1991 by Aljean Harmetz Hollywood can have Warren Adler’s work at a price. His price. Los Angeles – March 31 – At age 62, many writers, directors and actors are begging for work. But Warren Adler is being courted by Hollywood. “Actually, I’ve always thought of myself as a […]