Remember the Movie “War of the Roses”?

You may wonder, “Did War of the Roses foreshadow what was to come?” For any of you who might follow or believe in some of the teachings from “The Secret” (where you create what you visualize and focus on), you might think that perhaps the creators of this movie had a glimpse into our future. […]

25 Years After: The Dark Appeal of the Divorce Novel

25 Years After: The Dark Appeal of the Divorce Novel This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the publication of The War of the Roses, by Warren Adler. Long considered a classic novel of divorce and the American zeitgeist, the book was further popularized by a film adaptation and remains in print as well as […]

Some Outrageous and Offbeat Comments about the Publishing Biz

by Warren Adler I am always amused at the game of musical chairs orchestrated by those who run the book publishing industry. The latest is the sudden dismissal of Ann Godoff from the helm of Random House and the appointment of Gina Centrello to head a new combination of Random House and Ballantine Books. Ho […]

About Schmidt

By Warren Adler I note with interest fellow writer Louis Begley’s article in the New York Times on the movieAbout Schmidt adapted, allegedly, from his novel. It reminds me in some way my own piece in the New York Times about the badly flawed adaptation of my novel Random Hearts which starred Harrison Ford. I […]

Literary Fiction


Blazing a New Trail

Taking the next step in author empowerment by Warren Adler Over the past several months, I have received numerous requests from readers of our E-sheets, as well as from other interested parties in and out of the publishing world, to provide some assessment of our progress. After all, we are blazing a trail into the […]

Selling Books to the Movies and Television: The Fiona Fiasco!

I get a lot of emails each week from authors asking questions about optioning, selling or adapting their work for the movies or TV. While I always try to answer as best I can, nothing comes close to hearing about the actual process in action. My latest Hollywood war story concerns the licensing of my […]