My Poems

“My Poems” as read by Warren Adler I want to write ten thousand poems before I say goodbye I don’t know why Maybe in my soul I am a poet And don’t know it Or maybe I just like to spin a rhyme Perhaps I’ll find out in time It’s not for fortune or for […]


I wished upon a star last night And hope whoever heard it got it right I have been making such wishes all my life To keep at bay all trouble and strife I make it on a chicken bone and sometimes on the blarney stone Imagining for all my sins I would atone It might […]

Old Age Lament

“Old Age Lament” as read by Warren Adler Old age is a good time to curse your maker He turns out to be an awful faker He wants respect and admiration Constant praise is his vocation If he was truly on our side He should be able to point with pride And show how smart […]

Talking Too Much

“Talking Too Much” as read by Warren Adler How do you tell a person they talk too much That they’re boring you with such and such And making a redundant sound That’s not at all of interest or profound And that both your ears have closed up Hoping your temper won’t erupt When all you […]


“Silence” as read by Warren Adler  There are times I wish I was silent as a tree I have a tendency to speak before I think Which may mean I have a fault link Between my errant tongue and brain I’ll try my best to refrain But if I don’t forgive me As you can […]


“Laughter” as read by Warren Adler I always thought that laughter plays a role In giving meaning to the soul And makes the spirit soar with glee And chases pain and misery There is much out there to make us cry Laughter is certainly worth a try There is a funny side to life It […]

The Great Beyond

“The Great Beyond” as read by Warren Adler My friends are passing at alarming rates I hope there’s such a thing as pearly gates That enter into some place nice Some beautiful eternal paradise While still around we’ll never know Not until it’s our time to go It would be fun to see old friends […]