“Writing” as read by Warren Adler I wrote two thousand words today and thought them fine Until I read them over and erased them line by line I understand the secret of the writer’s art I knew that always from the start There are times when you just can’t get it right And often need […]


“Wishes” as read by Warren Adler I made a wish upon a star Except that it was far too far Then I wished upon the moon Hoping my wish would come true soon It will happen, I know it will I’m waiting still -W.A.

On Politicians

Isn’t it odd That so many politicians think they’re God When they haven’t got a clue About what to do The best way to blunt their clout Is to vote them out -W.A.

My Manhattan

“My Manhattan” as read by Warren Adler Outside my window as I write Orange men are blasting rock on which My sturdy island sits, so small and tight To make yet another hive of steel and glass And add a tower to the jungle mass This vast erection is a miracle of innovation The crown […]

The Wand

“The Wand” as read by Warren Adler We thought you had a wand to wave And with it, a world to save Turns out the wand’s a broken lance Should we give you one more chance? Too many things have gone wrong Better try another song Your time is getting shorter and shorter To show […]

The Confession

I must confess The world’s a mess We have no plan To stop Iran The UN is dumb Its brains are numb Our Congress is in shambles Our President just rambles All this leads me to conclude It doesn’t matter if I’m rude Nobody listens anyway To what I have to say. -W.A.

Being Fair

“Being Fair” as read by Warren Adler Let’s face it, being fair Means we all must share Like getting wet in rain We should be equal in our pain Not let others do our chores Like fighting wars While only half of us pay When all of us have our say It’s wrong And that […]