Which Literary Genre Suits Your Personality?

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President’s Day with Warren Adler

I spent an extensive amount of time in Washington D.C. rubbing elbows with some of the nation’s most political elite. The stage in my life has given way… Loading…

The Facets of Love with Warren Adler

Our Exclusive Interview with Colin Fluxman, the audiobook narrator of Mother Nile

This week we’re shining a spotlight on Colin Fluxman, the audiobook narrator of Mother Nile, Warren’s Adler’s newest historical thriller set in Cairo, Egypt. What was it like narrating Mother Nile? A labor of love – there’s nothing to beat a well-written novel that captures one’s imagination and actually takes you into the story with its […]

The Role of the Fiction Writer in Our Current Presidential Election

The true test of talent for a fiction writer is the ability to imagine pain, angst, despair, discouragement, frustration as well as joy, ecstasy, elation and pleasure. This is the power that runs the machine of character creation that lies at the very heart of storytelling. As we fiction practitioners understand, craft can be learned, […]