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Historical Thriller “Mission Churchichill” by Alex Abella Unveils a Gripping Tale of Espionage and Vengeance Inspired by Warren Adler’s “Target Churchill”

In a riveting exploration of historical intrigue, Alex Abella takes readers on a heart-stopping journey through the corridors of power and the shadows of covert operations in his latest novel, “Mission Churchill.” Drawing inspiration from Warren Adler’s acclaimed “Target Churchill” novel, Abella weaves a narrative that masterfully combines history and fiction in a pulse-pounding historical […]

Trans-Mongolian Express: A Riveting Historical Thriller by David L. Robbins, Inspired by Warren Adler’s Trans-Siberian Express

The Adler Entertainment Trust is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of “Trans-Mongolian Express,” the latest novel from the acclaimed author David L. Robbins. Inspired by Warren Adler’s “Trans-Siberian Express,” this gripping thriller is set against the backdrop of post-Chernobyl Eastern Europe and promises to be a page-turner. David L. Robbins, known for his best-selling […]

Trans-Mongolian Express

by David L. Robbins (Author) Inspired by Warren Adler’s Trans-Siberian Express. In the harrowing aftermath of Chernobyl’s meltdown in 1986, the fate of Eastern Europe hangs by a thread. From Beijing, American radiation scientist Lara, once a thorn in the Russian mob’s side, is drawn back into the shadows of the Soviet Union on the […]

Mission Churchill

by  Alex Abella  (Author)  Inspired by Target Churchill, the novel by Warren Adler and James C. Humes In 1933 Cuba, a deadly game of cat and mouse unfolds. An IRA sharpshooter, driven by vengeance and a relentless mission, has Winston Churchill in his crosshairs. But just as the assassin is about to strike, Churchill’s tenacious […]


NEW YORK (PRWEB) MAY 09, 2020 Adler Entertainment Trust, managers of the estate of author, Warren Adler, announced today the publication of second book in The Lakeside Falls Murder Mystery Series: “Flanagan’s Strings”. Written by Andrew Frothingham and inspired by Warren Adler’s original premise and characters created in his mystery novel “Flanagan’s Dolls”, “Strings” is available […]

Flanagan’s Strings

by Andrew Frothingham (Author), Warren Adler (Author) Inspired by Warren Adler’s Flanagan’s Dolls. Emily and Josh Flanagan, antique experts in Lakeside Falls, MI, are confronted by an incredibly modern death. A beloved professor at Laklandia, the nearby, legendary bastion of liberal arts, died when an advance fire suppression system was triggered during an act of […]