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Jonathan Escoffery

I first fell in love with story’s ability to transport, to expand the borders of my reality. I recall crouching beneath my parents’ kitchen counter as a child, losing Sunday afternoons reading. That words printed between book covers could take me to far off worlds, on journeys that left me forever changed, was, to me, […]

Lynne M. Spreen

I was always a writer; always kept a journal. I’m sixty-three and I have journals going way back. The oldest was written in the hospital when my son was born. He’s forty now. After my first divorce I wrote about the house I bought on my own, a chicken coop on a busy highway in […]

Warren Adler’s Teafluencer Interview

Harney: First off, tell us a little bit about yourself. Warren: I was born in Brooklyn during the Depression. My father was always unemployed and that’s what really spurred me to take control of my own destiny. I never wanted to be dependent on someone else for my happiness and well-being. I’ve wanted to be […]

Meg Mitchell Moore

In seventh grade my English class was assigned to write a short story of some sort. I don’t remember what the specific parameters were. I’m not sure if they were all supposed to be horror stories, but I do remember that I penned something pretty gruesome about a hit-and-run accident on a lonely road one […]

Renee Macalino Rutledge

One of my favorite quotes is: “The creative adult is the child who has survived,” by Ursula K. Le Guin. When you are a child, everything is new, and you respond to it without artifice. It can be more difficult to maintain that sense of wonder and curiosity as you get older, so people push […]