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A Roman à Clef and its Aftermath

A roman à clef is a French word that loosely defines a novel as a work of fiction based on real events and characters. It is not a precise definition, especially if it is based on contemporary events since present time blends into historical time at an ever-accelerating pace and distorts any attempt at authenticity. […]

My Salute to Librarians

  From the moment I entered the hushed, sacred precinct of the Brownsville Children’s Library in Brownsville, Brooklyn, back in the mid-1930s, I have been a passionate advocate of the public library. My most profoundly joyous memory is walking through the crowded, noisy, aroma-filled atmosphere of Sutter Avenue, between rows of pushcarts selling anything edible and […]

Maria Duffy

I’ve always loved to write. From the time I could hold a pen, I was scribbling words, which were largely illegible but they were stories in my head. As I grew older, I loved to people-watch and listen in on conversations whenever I could. Something as simple as a woman in front of me in […]