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Ann Y.K. Choi

I grew up listening to jokes about corner variety stores being run by Korean immigrant families. But that’s what my family did for 30 years in Canada. Now that many of us have grown up and left our family-run businesses to do other things, I felt compelled to share stories from behind the store counter. […]

Panio Gianopoulos

I don’t often ask myself this question. The question I usually find myself asking is Why don’t I write? Or even more commonly, why didn’t I write? Why didn’t I write this morning when our puppy woke me up at dawn, scratching and whining at its crate door, and after putting him outside with his […]

Grey Eagle Films Officially Launches Production Raise Fund

For information on how you can participate in our fundraising, contact Jonathan R. Adler, CEO here | Phone: 301-252-0069 Grey Eagle Films is seeking equity for production of up to 4 film projects adapted from the acclaimed, bestselling author Warren Adler, well-known for the enduring classic turned Blockbuster hit “The War of the Roses,” which has […]

Ayelet Tsabari

I began writing before I knew how to write. As a child, I used to draw comic strips and narrate the story to my siblings and cousins. As soon as I learned the alphabet I began writing stories, poems, plays and scripts. I did not choose writing; it had chosen me, presented itself to me […]

Georgia Hunter

Looking back, I suppose you could say that writing has always been a part of my ethos. One of my earliest memories is falling asleep to the sound of my father tapping away on his Olivetti typewriter as he composed his first novel from his office in our small Massachusetts home in the woods. I […]