Our Exclusive Interview With Lillian Yves, The Audiobook Narrator of American Sextet and The Ties That Bind

Today we are shining the spotlight on Lillian Yves, the incredibly talented narrator who narrated two Fiona Fitzgerald mystery novels: American Sextet and The Ties That Bind. What initially drew you to narrate two of Warren Adler’s Fiona Fitzgerald mysteries? Is there a particular genre you gravitate towards?       Fiona is a strong female lead […]

Warren Adler Titles You Can Enjoy for Free on Kindle Unlimited

Political Thrillers Banquet Before Dawn After serving his Brooklyn district for years, Congressman Sullivan discovers that his once comfortable Irish-American majority has given way to a diverse district of blacks and Hispanics. Challenged by a more liberal opponent, he tries everything possible to maintain his seat only to painfully learn that he and his views are […]

Top 7 Things I Keep in Mind When Writing Historical Fiction

I’ve always considered myself a history buff and have written quite a few historical fiction novels requiring exhaustive amounts of research. Creating believable historical fiction means getting facts straight and making sure that your research and imaginative input inspires the most plausible, complex plots and characters you can possibly bring to life. Here I lay […]

Our Exclusive Interview with Colleen Crimmins, the audiobook narrator of The Sunset Gang

This week we’re shining a spotlight on Colleen Crimmins, the audiobook narrator of The Sunset Gang, the critically-acclaimed collection of short stories that inspired the beloved PBS trilogy. What do you look for in a project? Is there a particular genre you gravitate towards? What initially drew you to The Sunset Gang? I’m drawn to works […]

Which character from ‘American Sextet’ are you?

Find out which character you are most like from American Sextet, Warren Adler’s acclaimed Fiona Fitzgerald Mystery Series.           [os-widget path=”/stonehouseproductions/which-character-from-american-sextet-are-you” of=”stonehouseproductions” comments=”false”]